More Changes

20150613-DSC_0109 Last weekend, my family got together for what is probably the last family lunch for a long time.

Back in April, my dad got laid off from his job. Thankfully, he has found another job, but it’s outside of Chicago, so he’s moving up there next week.

Eventually, my mom will be going too, but they have to sell the house and she’s got some other things to tie up here, so my dad will be back here pretty frequently until that happens. But it will still definitely be different and since my sister lives about 6 hours away, family get-togethers will probably be few and far between.

I’ll be honest; I’m not sure I’ve fully processed or accepted that my family is no longer all going to be in the same city. It’s going to be a big change, but I know I’ll adjust. Eventually. Maybe. After a little bit of kicking, screaming, and crying… 

On the bright side, now I have somewhere to stay for free near Chicago, so I can go visit it a lot! 😉


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