Nautical or Nice?

I am not sure about you, but I am in love with all things nautical lately.  I picked up these two items at one of my favorite local jewelry stores, Polka-Dotted Flamingo.  They have such cute stuff and for cheap! I got both for under $24.


I love that the bracelet is dressy and casual, so it can be worn with many different outfits.  The ring is exactly what I had been searching for.  I wanted something that was small and could be worn daily if I wanted (I tend to gravitate towards large statement rings that can only be worn on special occasions).  The background of the anchor is navy, which is a trend I am really into lately, and it’s the perfect size that I can wear it with just about anything!  Oh, I am also obsessed with gold.  I never thought I would like gold jewelry— I always thought gold seemed “old” but I have really grown to love it over the last year (maybe I’m just getting old?!).

What are some of your favorite trends in jewelry right now?

Hello, World!

Welcome to my blog! For my first post, I thought I would tell you a little about me.  My name is Sophia (Sophi for short) which is the inspiration for the blog name.  I am a wife, dog-lover, amateur photographer, and shopaholic.  I enjoy reading, spending time with my husband and family, sleeping (I am NOT a morning person).  I exercise regularly, though I can’t say I enjoy it, but I am huge fan of food– blame the Greek heritage for that one!– and my metabolism is basically non-existant these days so I have burn the calories somehow. 😉

Anyway, I can’t wait to see where this blog takes me! Please leave me a comment if you have any suggestions on what you would like me to post about. Have a wonderful Wednesday!