What better time to try and make a comeback from such a long hiatus than on my birthday?! I know I have been negligent with blogging the last few months. There has just been so much going on and it’s been a whirlwind of a year, with so many changes and emotions that I can’t even begin to describe in one post. But I will share one of the exciting and scary things that is happening as I enter my 30th year of life: I am going back to school!I

My first degree was in Elementary Education, which I used for all of 9 months. That was 7 years ago, and after many jobs, life events, and just stroke of luck, I’ve found myself in a job that is sort of IT related, and I am really enjoying it. However, if I want to continue in this field, and especially open future doors, I feel I need a degree to back up my experience, so I’ve decided to get a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.

The nice thing is that even though it’s going to be another bachelor’s degree, I’m going to the same university I went to the first time (The University of North Carolina Wilmington) and a lot of my credit hours from my first degree count towards this one. I am a little terrified because I was never the best at school – I tried hard but I’m just not academically minded – and I have to take not one, but TWO, calculus classes for this degree. Math is not my strong suit at all, but thankfully Jeff loves math so I have a good tutor that’s also free!

Another reason I figured I should go back to school is that my current employer has an Educational Assistance program where they will reimburse me for 2 classes per semester as long as I pass. Plus, I work on the UNCW campus, so getting to the classes will be easy. I also have a truly amazing boss who is very flexible with me about my hours and schedule, so I can work around my class times. I just kept asking myself, “If not now, when?”

Until classes start in January, though, I’m taking full advantage of my free time, which is one of the reasons why I haven’t been blogging as much. I do hope to get back to posting more often, but I doubt I will be posting more than once per week.

I truly appreciate those of you that have stuck around during this break. I’m truly thankful for each and every one of you that read this little blog of mine. Now I’m off to enjoy my birthday!